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Tamarind Gardens Village experience

Nestled high up in the picturesque hills of Digana, at the banks of the Victoria reservoir, Tamarind Gardens is a community project with sustainability at its core. Owned by Nalin & Ayesha Perera, the property was once an old neglected coconut estate before it was converted in 2012 to what it is today. Their aim now is to provide visitors with a taste of authentic village life and for those interested also create opportunities for guests to give back to the local community. Their charming home has a small domestic farm which includes cattle, goats and poultry, and also a vegetable and fruit garden. Begin with a walk around the village, where you will have the opportunity to interact with people from the local community.


Watch the daily chores such as milking cows, caring for livestock, maintaining the vegetable and fruit garden and get involved in preparing authentic Sri Lankan meals which you can enjoy for lunch. Discover a variety of traditional cottage industries such as incense making, where you can witness or participate in the manufacturing of incense sticks, and copper jewellery making, where you can have the opportunity to create a piece of your own artwork to take home.

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