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Visit a Buddhist Temple with Alms Giving

This half day experience will help the group to engage in an interactive activity and learn the Buddhist tradition of almsgiving to Buddhist monks at a local Temple. The group will experience various rituals that is bound by the same. This morning visit local a market to purchase dry provisions and vegetables and visit a local village house belonging to a farmer’s family. You will engage in cooking a traditional meal consisting of 3-4 vegetarian curries and steamed rice alongside the family members of this village house. The meal would be sufficient for both the monks in the temple, the host family and of course the visitors.


Collectively contribute to uphold this tradition which will give merit to the party offering meals, as per Buddhist teachings. Later on proceed to the village temple nearby and offer a “Dhana” (Offering meals as alms to the Buddhist Monks). Final part of this unique experience will be a sermon “Bana” based on teachings of Lord Buddha followed by tying of blessed cords on the right hand of each participant. After the alms giving you will return to the village house and have lunch with the local family.

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