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Covid 19 Update

Updated: 18  AUG 2021

Dear Guests,

Hope you and your loved ones are Safe!! As we approach the season of recovering around the world, naturally traveling will also take some time to return back to normal and we positively await for the same in time to come. Whilst that, we are also getting prepared with special arrangements in advance. Pleased to give you an update on the latest guidlines as below on the precautionary measures we are planning to make in order to make sure it’s safe for you and your valued Clients to be confident in planning their future travel in to Sri Lanka. The guidelines issued by the Sri Lanka tourist board are being amended and we always want to keep our guest updates on the same.

Whilst that, we are also getting prepared with special arrangements in advance. Pleased to give you an update as below on the precautionary measures we are planning to make in order to make sure it’s safe for you and your valued Clients to be confident in planning their future travel in to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka being one of the favorite holiday destinations and as it anticipates to cater future Clients, alongside the Sri Lanka tourist board is also underway making special arrangements strictly adhering to the Heath Sector guidelines. Whilst the clear guidelines and stringent health safety measures are being finalized, we as a Tour operator have come up with the below measures for all our valued guests whilst their stay in taking utmost care.

  •  All bookings to be made with a Level 1 certified ‘Safe & Secure’ hotel for the initial period of up to 14 days if not Vaccinated and Up to 1 night if fully Vaccinated. (Fully Vaccinated can be traveled only after 14 day of the 2nd dose.) 

  • A prior booking of the tour package should be done online or via SLTDA registered & Certified travel agency 

  • Tourists are allowed to stay any number of days with no minimum requirement, provided they continue their stay at a certified ‘Safe & Secure’ (pre-booked) hotel.

  • During the initial 14-day period, the guest can choose to continue staying at the current hotel or any other Level 1 certified ‘Safe & Secure’ hotel (travelling under a bio-security bubble); providing their on-arrival PCR tested negative for not Vaccinated and the 2nd PCR after 7 days.

  • Any guest who is Fully Vaccinated can stay in Level – One hotel for one night and with  a Negative PCR and leave the hotel after the approval letter.  

  • The “Visa Free” status and the issuance of “On Arrival” visas are suspended until further notice and all tourists entering Sri Lanka are required to obtain online tourist visas before arrival. And you need to apply the Visa online and send the ETA reference number to an approved travel agent who will in return recommend you for the Visa approval to travel to Sri Lanka.

  • A valid travel insurance with health and hospitalization coverage for the entire duration of stay is a must for all the guests arriving. 

  • It is recommended to obtain records of past travel details of tourists before confirmation of the booking.

  • Use proper communication means to inform the tourists to change/amend the travel plans in the event of non-compliance with SLTDA guidelines and requirements

  • All tourists should undergo a PCR test at the arriving on day1 at the hotel before the check in process.

  • Hard copies will not be provided as a welcome pack and all the necessary documents related to the travel will be sent via email/WhatsApp

  • As Tour operators we will only appoint SLTDA registered and certified tour guides (National guides, chauffeur guides, area guides or city guides) and other staff for all tours; no tour guides, translators and drivers will be assigned for a tour if they show symptoms of COVID-19 (sneezing, coughing, fever, stomachache, diarrhea, etc.). We have also introduced a self declaration form to be signed by every member of a tour crew stating that he/she does not possess any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • All the tourists will be informed and educated on health and safety measures of the country as well as the expected behavior while on tour

  • Our CG/ Guides will encourage guests to visit SLTDA ‘Safe & Secure’ certified sites (attractions and activity places) at all times. As far as possible, arrange tickets to attractions and activities via online or advance bookings in order to avoid exposing of tourists to overcrowding situations at such places.

  • Our CG/Guides whilst on tour will carry out regular temperature checks of the tourists and observe them for respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, etc.) during tours; the observation of all notable health conditions should be recorded and maintained. Any tourist with a temperature of above of 37oC and/or with respiratory symptoms should be directed to seek immediate medical assistance through MoH hotline 1390; the incident should be reported to the SLTDA.

  • Travel agents/tour operators should maintain health records and self declarations of all tourists and tour groups in a systematic and traceable manner and securely keep such records for at least 30 days.  The tourists should be clearly informed about their self responsibility to ensure adequate supply of face masks and 70% alcohol rub/hand sanitizers for their personal use during the tour.

  • Regular screening of all our vehicles and the chauffeur Guides

  • Provide sufficient face masks and sanitizers on arrival to use throughout the tour in Sri Lanka

  • All vehicles will have a digital thermometer to check the temperature of the tourists whenever required.

  • The vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected (the seats, all handles, interior door panel, windows, locks, exterior door handles, poles, etc.) before transporting each batch of tourists to prevent possible cross contamination.

  • If a tourist shows COVID-19 related symptoms during the tour, we will follow the recommended guidelines and procedures of the MOH.

  • Larger vehicles will be assigned for the tour if more than 2 persons (which includes children) in order to maintain the distance whilst traveling. The guest will be briefed on a daily basis by the chauffeur guide of all the health regulations to be followed during every single visit to places of interests, as they may vary

  • It is required to carry out random PCR tests for the tour crew on a monthly basis and ensure the maintenance of these records for verification by the SLTDA. 

  • We need to ensure tourists carry sufficient personal clothes with them to maintain good health and hygiene conditions throughout the tour. 

  • Check and verify that tourists have enough stocks of PPEs such as face masks, hand sanitizer, etc. for the entire tour and if not, provide assistance to fulfill those needs. (only if the want to bring their own)

  • All SLTDA registered tour guides, translators and drivers should undergo a mandatory training for infection prevention measures; they should also be provided with guidance on how to seek immediate medical assistance, if staff or a tour group member develops any COVID-19 symptoms. 

During the tour 

  • Encourage tourists to sanitize hands frequently during the tour and site visits, ideally using their own sanitizers; further they should wash hands with soap and running water at the end of each site visit. 

  • Guests will be advised to avoid contact with surfaces as much as possible and also to use their non-dominant hand to pick up goods as a safety measure. 

  • Ensure all tourists wear face masks and maintain the safe 1.5 meter distance at all times; if needed they can use disposable gloves while on tour. 

  • During the tour, regularly check tourists for body temperature and respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, etc.; Such health related observations of tourists should be recorded and maintained for at least 21 days. 

  • Any tourist having temperature above 37oC and/or display respiratory symptoms should be directed for immediate medical attention and report such occurrences to the area MOH and the SLTDA. 

  • When traveling in vehicles, ensure a safe distance of 1.5 meter between seated tourists; family members who wish to sit together may continue to do so, but there should be a 1.5 meter safe distance maintained between different groups of tourists.

  • Encourage tourists to adhere to COVID-19 precautionary measures; discourage partying at any stage of the tour, as it can lead to gathering of crowds. 

  • After visiting a place, the tourists should disinfectant their footwear and wash/sanitize hands prior to boarding the vehicle. 

  • Always take necessary measures to avoid tourists gathering at visiting places or outside tour attractions. T

  • The tour crew should have separate food and accommodation during the tour; they should maintain the same policy of 1.5 meter physical distancing in accommodation as well as in all other interactions. 

  • We will have our 24/7 customer hotline to serve you/your guests if any need arises.

  • We are constantly in touch with all the hotels to monitor their health and safety procedures and the same will be briefed prior. 

  • Our national carrier has already started flying into few destinations and will continue with the highest standard of safety measures. However I’m sure it might take few weeks for all the airlines and country borders to open all its passages.


​It will and has always been our companies utmost goal to maintain the health & safety of our customers and will keep maintaining the same in the future. We will also update further vital information on the Travel requirements and any other medical procedures once they are finalized by our Tourist board. 

We hope you, your family, loved ones  your colleagues are well & safe. Please stay strong during this difficult times and wishing that our future will be bright and the world will be healed soon


Stay Safe, Travel Safe!


We are Ready to welcome you and your loved ones!


Warm Regards,

Shiroma Rodrigo


0094 776 848842/ 0094 773 657524



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