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Jaffna is 246 miles from Colombo and can reach by Air or Road (A-9 route). The Rail connection is now only up to Vavuniya. The Jaffna peninsula has an area of 380 square miles. Jaffna was important for both Portuguese and Dutch. Jaffna Fort was completed in 1632 and it covers 55 acres in extent. The Dutch Church inside the Fort dates to 1706. There are ruins of Portuguese Churches at Myliddi and Chankanai and a ruined Dutch Church at Atchuveli. The Dutch Fort Hammenhiel is at the entrance to the Kayts Harbour and is located in an island of the sea. Jaffna is full of Hindu Kovils. The Nallur Kandasamy Kovil and Vallipuram Kovil at Point Pedro are two of the important Kovils. The Buddhist Vihara at Nagadeepa (Nainativu) Island is a place sanctified by the visit of the Buddha and the dagoba is an old one. The large number of dagobas in the Kantharodai site dates from 2nd to 10th Centuries A.D. At Keeramalai is a freshwater bathing pond on the beach and is said to possess therapeutic properties.

Suggested Activities

Tour of Jaffna Dutch Fort

Take a tour of the Jaffna Fort, Sri Lanka to visit historic site in Jaffna.


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