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Welcome to Sri Lanka, The Island of serendipity which has almost everything on this planet to offer to those who is seeking adventure and excitement. Couched in the assoiled water of Indian Ocean just of the South East tip of India. Sri Lanka offers beaches, cool climates pristine rain forest water and adventure sports spiritual and self healing and 7 world heritage sites all within few miles apart.


Why Sri Lanka ?

We are a small tropical Island and could be explored in a relatively short time period.

All season destination and could work out to fit in to your time schedule.

Rich diversity of cultural experiences that would amaze your clients.

Good airline connections from most part of the world.

Excellent infrastructure from Hotels to Transport to conference venues.

Innovative ideas to make it all different

Soft activities to High Adventure possibilities

Possibility of conducting a focused team building programes

Value for money ! (something that you can never argue about)     


The sheer diversity of this tiny island makes you understand why it has become such a popular incentive travel spot for many multinational companies. Being such a tiny island “anywhere” is just a few hours drive away.

You can choose to take your group on a team building Experience or a confidence building course at an adventure park in the jungle; open their eyes to an exotic heritage at an ancient city and still have time for a few afternoons on the beach.

If you’re running on a tight business schedule, you will find Sri Lanka a compact all-in-one destination for both business and leisure.

Our Services

Planning on holding a meeting? We will help you arrange your meeting, the agenda to match your requirements and to achieve your desired goal and most of all, to get the best outcome.


  • In arranging the meeting we offer you the following services in brief:

  • Liaising with all the parties concerned, any organization locally of internationally connecting important contacts with the correct organizations.

  • Selecting the right venue to match your requirements and custom arranging the same.


Note - Sri Lanka is one of the best options to hold a meeting with plenty of options around the country and all facilities you need in order to make the best decision for your company endeavors.


Team building, motivation and good relationships among your employees and management, rewarding your team for their contributions, reinforcing your company targets, re-building your company’s vision/mission. We have the best solution how to get it going!


Infinit Luxury Travel will provide you with the best solutions and unique ideas to create an unforgettable incentive trip for all our clients.


In arranging the Incentive tours we offer you the following services in Brief:


  • Sketching out  the best program based on your requirements and goals

  •  Helping you in suggesting the best venue to match your budget

  • Guiding your team in achieving goals to the peak in the best possible manner that has been set by your organization


Requirements with a lasting experience the Sri Lankan way.


Counting decades of experience in managing international and national conferences with a complete range of exclusive services which include, planning and choosing the most appropriate venue matching your needs and expectations, minimizing the costs whilst maintaining high standards of customizable professional tailor-made programmes.


Further we would like to treat your ideas as our own and make the arrangements simple & easy allowing you to ponder on those little things you might have missed out amidst busy planning, yet may be of much significance.


As one of the pioneer professional conference organizer having handled elite groups to Sri Lanka, we continue to strive in maintaining our standing in the industry and look forward to tailoring your next planned conference.


It is our vision & mission to offer you the best service value for money:  Keeping this in mind our expertise consultants will help you create the most attractive once in a life time show for your attendees. We have the most innovative fresh creative ideas which we will put together once you have approached us for our consultation.


In arranging the Exhibitions we offer you the following services in Brief:


  • Suggesting/providing the best option to match your budget and to meet your requirements.

  • Best value for money services in every aspect

  •  Assist and advice in arranging and coordinating with the suppliers from the name card to name board.

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