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Sigiriya is a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” and the 5th Century “Fortress in the Sky” which is perhaps the most fantastic single wonder of the Island. It is also known as Lion Rock because of the huge lion that used to stand at the entrance to the Palace on the summit of the 600-foot high rock. On its summit are the foundations of the Royal Palace, Water Tanks to supply water and all other buildings and at the edges the guardhouses. On one of the stairways the only known ancient work of Sinhala secular painting survived in the form of Frescoes of 21 life sized damsels still shining in their original colours. The Water Gardens, Fountain Garden, Summerhouses, Boulder Gardens and the Caves within the enclosed area should not be missed.

Suggested Activities

Village Trek in Hiriwaduna

This experience will enable you to get a taste of the village life in Sri Lanka.

Jungle BBQ

Have dinner in the jungle under a high tree canopy with fire torches lit around


Featured Tour


Journey around Sri Lanka for 14 Days on this holiday filled with culture and adventure

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