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Adams Peak night walk

There is probably no mountain anywhere more famous than Sri Pada – Adam’s Peak (7362ft/2250m) for non-mountain reasons than this. It is sacred to three religions; to Buddhists the human-foot-shaped hollow on the pinnacle boulder marks one of the personal appearances of the Buddha; the Muslims believe that the depression marks Adam’s expiation of his disobedience by standing there for an age on one foot; to the Hindus, by whom the Peak has been venerated for millennia, its name is Sivan Adi Padham, for it is the Creative Dance of the god Siva that the ‘print’ calls to remembrance. Whichever legend you may believe, this beautiful place has been a pilgrimage centre for over a thousand years. The annual pilgrimage to worship at the summit temple is from December to May, but climbing can be done at other times of the year too. Adam’s Peak rises to 2250 meters and has roughly 5000 steps to the top. For those who choose to climb the peak it is a most rewarding experience, especially with the spectacular sunrise, which should not be missed.

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