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Agri Farm Visit

This half day excursion include a visit to a self-sustained Agri Farm in Hingurakgoda boasting of 1300 acreage of farm land consisting of paddy, vegetables, fruits, a dairy and plant nurseries and experience the bio diverse and organic farming techniques. First your Agro specialists will escort you to explore the large banana cultivation where most of the crop is export level. Thereafter it the venture through the vegetable and fruit plantations commercially grown for the farm’s the local super market chain.


The largest cultivation in the land which is paddy and provided it is the season for harvesting the group will interact with the local farmers who engage in the paddy harvesting done mainly by harvesting machines. There will also be mentors to teach you the age old method of ‘cutting’ paddy by hand with a curved sickle. This will prove to be a quite a sweat burning task all the reason why the fresh fruit juice and the cold towels intermittently served at the field will feel refreshing.

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