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Angampora The Indigenous Martial Art

This excursion would involve a visit to the traditional ‘Angampora’ Village in the Colombo suburbs where the indigenous martial art of Sri Lanka is still kept alive and engage in an interactive session and later on watch a display as to how the masters perform. You will be greeted on arrival by the Angampora Guru who is a direct descendant from the clan of ancient Angampora Warriors. During this experience you are meant to feel like the Sri Lankan warriors both men and women who fought wars against the colonial powers. Your mentors will demonstrate the age old art which is kept a secret and transcended from generation’s within the clan. Since the original form of art will not be shared with any out siders the apprentices could engage in the basic level of the art the stretching and defensive the arm movements. Thereafter watch an exhilarating performance of the veterans combatting with their hands and limbs, weapons, their defensive techniques, grips and locks. Watch how the sacred rituals are performed, the various drum beats are used both in training, displayand combat.

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