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Batik Experience

Have a hands-on experience how the age old art of ‘Batik’ is done with the mentoring of Mr.Erik Suriyasena , one of Sri Lanka’s foremost artist, a designer, and a maestro in Batik creations. Mr.Suriyasena himself will greet you as you enter his private factory premises located in the city of Marawila. It is at this work house where he used to create his unique designs and experiment extensively. Thereafter each member of the group can select a ‘design art’ from the hundreds of arts that will be available or alternatively bring your own art design. Once this is done the mentors will provide you with the correct fabric that would suit your selected design. Thereafter Mr.Suriyasena will teach you how to engage in the traditional dyeing on cloth using a wax resist method. Take a break from this exciting session as you wait till your creations to dry by enjoying the hospitality of the Suriyasena family who will serve you with Tea, local cookies and chocolate cake.Later on explore the elegant galleries that display some of Mr.Suriyasena’s unique creations, a fusion of traditional, abstract and modern art.

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