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Coconut Experience & Toddy Tapping

Coconut, the lifeline tree of the tropics, is a miracle of its own. Sri Lankans have devised uses for every single part of the tree. You shall explore some of the fascinating products all of which are derived from the humble coconut tree. Set amongst acres upon acres of coconut groves – the plantation we visit, would help you understand how the simple tree sustains entire community. First you will understand the process of climbing the tall coconut trees with no ropes attached and de-husking them with bare hands to separate the nut for consumption. The husk is not wasted as it is de-fibered to create mattresses, ropes and brooms. Upon the sides, you would see old ladies weaving the coconut leaves into thatched roofs of their houses which stand on coconut trunks. You would also be able to see the dare devil ax of the toddy tapper who transfers from one tree to another using ropes which are tied from one tree to another, dangling in mid-air. Then you would proceed towards the family owned distillery where the toddy being tapped would be converted and distilled into sweet sweet arrack.

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