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Fresh Fish Fiesta in Negombo

This excursion will provide the guests with a firsthand experience in visiting the ever so bustling fish market in Negombo; select the fish of their choice and enjoy a scrumptious sea food BBQ at the hotel. In the morning the group will visit the active fish market where your local ‘fish expert’ will provide you with a description of each type of local fish the information of their delicacies and tips on how best the fish should be prepared in order to retain its best taste. From sear fish to mullet and from tuna to prawns the group will be able to select the best catch of the day. The experts will short list 4-5 types of fish one could select and purchase on “all you could eat” basis. Thereon at the hotel one can engage in an interactive afternoon seafood BBQ with the chef and enjoy a gourmet lunch in the afternoon.

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