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Safari and Camping Experience

Take an adventure to Sri Lanka's south where you will be close to wildlife in this camping experience in Yala. Ceylon Wild Safaris will meet and greet you on this experience offering you a range of options including game drives, photographic Safaris, experiential tented camping, and nature trails. Some examples include;

1) Tented Camping Experience 

The buffer-zone jungles of Yala National Park hold a secret which until now has been hidden, but Ceylon Wild Safaris are ready to share this secret with you. Nestled in the buffer zone forests which border the national park, the camp will transport you into a world unlike any other.

The camp is a fusion of simplicity and wild luxury that has been woven seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Each of their six tents are spacious and comfortable providing the ultimate relaxation after a long day of safari. A highlight is the plunge pool in each tent, which during the heat of the day, allows one to cool off in their “wallow”.

2) Storytelling under the stars

Like glitter thrown across a canvas, the jungle offers a clear view of the night sky. A magical experience is brought to light by the on-site rangers as they use a lazer pointer to translate a story told by the stars.


3) Wildlife Photography Experience 

Wildlife photography is an art which takes patience and experience. With the right guidance, there is no limit to photographic capability. Ceylon Wild Safaris is guided and driven by a team of passionate wildlife photographers and enthusiasts with a never ending love for sharing knowledge and stories.We invite you to join the family and embark on an adventurous journey with the team to explore the natural world.

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