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Street Food Bonanza

Galle Face Green, a microcosm of activity, a place where the local congregate as the sun goes down to take in the cool sea breeze of a sultry evening in Colombo. Lined with hawker street food stalls along the promenade, provides with the option of some of the best street food you would ever have. Some of the signature foods include the Crab Vadai (a snack similar to a falafel with a sea crab fried on top of it) or the Prawn Vadai. The most popular of these stall is Nana’s (directly translated as brother in English, the name the owner is fondly remembered by); at Nana’s the group will first be demonstrated the preparation of some of the dishes sold, and then the group will have to put up their own little kiosks, prepare and hawk passersby to try out their, at times varied creations. We can split the team into groups and run around a competition which would determine the most selling team as the winners.

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