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Waterfall Expeditions

Bambarakanda waterfall is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and at present there is 1 professional and 2 beginner's climbing paths at this beautiful 790 ft high waterfall. Though the water flow (from the fall) decreases during the dry periods, generally it is in full bloom and force from the end of October to February. The professionals climbing path is about 100m high and could be considered as a grade 2 / 3 ascend with a short 10/15 m grade 1 section. An Average climber could complete this course within one to one and a half hours.  Enjoy a quick getaway from the bustling city of Kandy to the suburbs and hills of Nuwara Eliya district where you will meet the eye with a beautiful waterfall namely; Katabulla Falls. Less famous among most guests of Sri Lanka, Katabulla falls is a hidden gem in “Harangala” area. You will of cause have to encounter a studious path towards the bathing “hot spot” where you will meet the “pool” where the falls has created for safe river bathing!!! Enjoy your time with some snacks and traditional Sri Lankan “bites” that will be prepared for you to enhance the experience with a bottle of Red or White wine.

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