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Whale Watching by Air or Boat

These unique flights in six-seater planes depart from Koggala 3 times a day between November and March. Each passenger will have a large window offering unrestricted viewing points for seeing large pods of dolphins as well as the magnificent blue whales and sperm whales. The flight last approximately one hour after take-off and includes and aerial tour of the Galle Fort and Sri Lanka’s beautiful, palm-fringed coastline before landing back in Koggala. Whale and dolphin watching off Sri Lanka’s south west coast is an exciting and unique activity and the frequent sightings all year round has put Sri Lanka and the Mirrissa area on the worlds 'Top Hot Spots' for sperm and blue whale sightings. Blue whales are frequently seen between December and March off the South and West Coast of Sri Lanka, due to their migration patterns, and whilst out on the boat you are often accompanied by pods of spinner dolphins during the trip. Drinks and snacks are provided on board, as is a washroom for guests to use.

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