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Kithulgala not just for Adventure Lovers

A must visit location for Sri Lanka adventure holidays, is also one of the most famous places for White Water Rafting - Kithulgala. However there are many more reasons why this spot, just 100 kms from the capital Colombo, is well worth visiting.

Chief among these are the historic Beli Lena Caves where the pre-historic Balangoda Man supposed to have lived. The caves are reached after a short 10km drive from the main road through the Kitulgala tea estate.

David Lean’s epic war film “Bridge on the River Kwai” was filmed in this area of the Kelani River, which runs through Kitulgala, and the ruins of the bridge still remains.

In the Kelani Valley forest reserve is a low elevation forest where you get to see rare and endemic birds, including the latest Serendib scops Owl ( Otus thilo Hoffmani), ampibians, reptiles,frogs,endemic fishes in the stream, endemic tree snails & if lucky mammals including mousedeer, monkeys and other small animals.Traveeling to & from the forest can be done by boat.

While at Belilena caves you get to witness the sight where the prehistoric man has lived 20000 years ago. The evidence done on the excavations at the sight have produced proof of 03 skeletons remains, food remains, micro &macro lythics and animal bone implements were found scattered among the large number of snail shells found in the caves.

For those who are interested fresh water fishing can be done near the retreat. The river has the largest game fish found in Sri Lanka called the Mahseer (Barbus Tor), and fresh water shark (Wallagonia Attu) or the Murell or Loola (Channa Orientalist).


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