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Sri Lanka's Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Summer 2019

Here's our top take on the best destinations to visit this summer.


A beach destination and fishing village, this is currently the closes beach location for most travellers. It has been developed to be modern and tourist friendly with many places to eat, affordable accommodation and many experiences.


This East Coast location in Sri Lanka is still a much loved location for its shallow coasts and cultural sites. There are some key accommodation options here by the beach and a great spot simply to relax under the sun.


Journey by train to Hatton is a must for all travellers young and old. The journey is scenic and relaxing for most and great for the whole family.

Cultural Triangle

Sri Lanka's cultural triangle includes a visit to 3 key destinations to take in culture and heritage sites of Sri Lanka. The key destinations include Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa. Its on most people's list due to the historic value behind these destinations.


This nothern territory is one of the most untouched areas of the country and still rural and developing. The sites of historic value like the Jaffna Fort are sites to visit, however there is much to take in from the village life, the culinary delights and local markets.

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