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Travel 2020: Sri Lanka Featured in Popular Travel Sites

It’s a good start for travel in Sri Lanka with popular travel sites already ranking Sri lanka in their travel lists. The industry is already seeing a positive increase in the tourist numbers and businesses too are seeing more positive feedback from around the world.

Here is a look at some mentions on Sri Lanka in 2020 with explanations of why they hit these popular lists.

With popular places like Singapore, Bhutan and China Sri lanka is on this list with mention that it offers something for everyone!

While pointing out that Sri Lanka is not just a beach destination like most people think, it goes onto explain how a visit to Sri lanka will add, it will add significant cultural and historic value

Sri Lanka has been picked on this list for its sustainable recovery from its war torn era, with special mention of how the Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation work with rural communities to support social and economic development. Some notable achievements mentioned include “renewable energy projects, such as small-scale wind-solar farm training programmes, to empowering women through ecotourism roles”.

Sri Lanka has often been mentioned by Travel+Leisure but its on this list for having new hotel projects coming up in 2020. The lists mentions in particular Haritha Villas & Spa in Hikkaduwa and Alila Koggala, a new sustainable resort located near the city of Galle.

This online site has described Sri Lanka as a popular destination for New Zealand travellers and clearly point out how it includes cultural sites, beaches, train journeys and many more all in one island.


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