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Take a private charter jet to and from Sri Lanka


Travel via private jet charter from anywhere in the world to arrive in Sri Lanka where your tropical holiday experience awaits.

With our partner aviation companies we offer you the opportunity to travel in class and style with your family, friends or for your business meetings. Our partners are experienced in luxury travel, air travel and in creating tailor-made experiences for decades. Through their global experience they partner with us to offer you perfectly selected aircraft for your travel requirements. 

Together with our partners we offer you;

  • Professional teams who are specialized in aviation and travel know-how.

  • Catering to all your requests of ground transport, trip planning, and real time movement report.

  • Knowledge and ability to communicate in the local language.

  • Experience and vast operational knowledge of APAC airports conditions, flights and procedures.

  • Connections with network of APAC operators, suppliers and clients.

  • Access to 1,000+ Asian aircraft, from light jets to ultra-long-range aircraft.

  • Compliance with operational standards including revenue charter regulation, insurance coverage,
    pilots qualifications and maintenance records

Why charter a private jet?

  • Direct flight to under-served airports.

  • Shorter flight time

  • Baggage is ready as you exit plane

Together with our partners Infinit Luxury Travel offers you 24/7 support, personalized travel itineraries, and combined experience for over two decades.

Some of our recommended holiday itineraries include

Tour 1: Private Gold Tour in Sri Lanka
Tour 2: Horse Riding Tour in Sri Lanka
Tour 3: Luxury Hotels Tour in Sri Lanka

Prices for the above charter flights are available upon request.
Call us on +94776848842 or email

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