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the National Park covers 126,786 hectares including the Strict Natural Reserve (Block II). The most familiar is Block I (14,101 hectares) and this were established in 1938. Yala is famous for its big herds and large number of Elephants, Leopards, Spotted Deer, Sambhur, Crocodiles, Mongoose, Wild Boar, Wild Buffalo, and many other animals. More than 130 bird species are recorded which includes the resident and winter visitors.

Suggested Activities

Safari and Camping Experience

Experience a specially tailor-made safari and camping experience in Yala

Yala Jeep Safari

Explore the wildlife reserve of Yala National Park home to leopards, sloth bears and more

Bird Watching by Boat or Safari

Experience bird watching by boat or on safari in the national parks


Featured Tour


Experience Sinharaja Rainforest a UN World Heritage Site Featuring natural jungle landscapes

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